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German Medtech Market: More than 215,000 jobs

Germany is the third biggest market for medical technologies in the world. The total revenue of the manufacturing medical technology companies (considered are those with more than 20 employees) in Germany was at about 32 billion euros in 2019, according to the official economic statistics. The export rate was at around 65 percent. The German MedTech market is about twice as large as the French and three times as large as the British or Italian market. The medical technology industry employs more than 215,000 people in Germany.

Key industry data

1. The medtech industry is an important factor for the economy and the labor market.
The medtech industry employs over 215,000 people in Germany.
In the past five years alone it created more than 12,000 new jobs.
In addition, each medical technology job guarantees 0.75 jobs in other industries.
The total revenue of the medtech industry in Germany was at 32 billion euros in 2019.
The export rate was at over 65 percent.

2. The German medtech industry is an SME industry.
93 percent of all medical technology businesses have fewer than 250 employees.
There are 13,000 small businesses alone that employ around 60,000 people.
Only 90 medtech companies in Germany have more than 250 employees.

3. The medtech industry is innovative and its product cycles are very short.
German medical technology manufacturers generate around one third of their revenues from devices that are less than 3 years old. On average, medtech companies invest around 9 percent of their revenue in research and development.
This is why integrated innovation policy that is harmonized between the government departments of research, economics, and health is of great importance in order to preserve the innovative capacity of the medtech industry.

Market development

The medical technology industry will continue to be a growth market due to, among other factors, medical-technological progress and the demographic development with an increasingly older and multi-morbid population. This means that the demand for healthcare services will keep rising. The market research company Evaluate forecasts a yearly growth of 6 percent for the global medical technology market until 2024.

BVMed fall 2019 survey

The most important results of the fall 2019 survey conducted by BVMed, in which 102 member companies took part, are as follows:
  1. Sentiment in the German medtech industry has clouded significantly according to the fall survey of BVMed in 2019. The expected domestic sales development of only 3.3 percent has declined significantly compared to the previous year (4.2 percent). A particularly alarming trend in this context is the development of profits because of sinking prices and higher costs. Only 12 percent of companies expect improved profits for this year. In addition, the innovation climate index surveyed by BVMed is at 4.2 points out of ten, the lowest result so far.
  2. The main reason for the subdued mood is the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) which is responsible for a lack of resources at the Notified Bodies, longer assessment procedures, and price increases. Almost 90 percent of the medtech companies fear that devices will be withdrawn from the market or not launched at all for economic reasons, which would negatively affect patient care as well.
  3. Export remains a stabilizing factor. With an expected sales growth of 5.8 percent, the worldwide growth of the medical technology companies is still significantly stronger than domestic growth.
Enabling people to lead longer, healthier, more mobile, and pain-free lives: this is the everyday challenge for medical technology. In effect, medical-technological progress is the result of a large number of continuous improvements of the devices and procedures used. The medtech industry has very short development cycles. The companies, therefore, need innovation-friendly framework conditions so that medical progress can reach patients in a timely manner.
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