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BVMed - The German Medical Technology Association

BVMed Chairman Dr. Meinrad Lugan and BVMed CEO Dr. Marc-Pierre Möll Download
BVMed represents over 240 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the medical technology industry, as well as providers of medical aids and homecare. Among the members of the association are 20 of the largest medical device manufacturers worldwide in the consumer goods sector.

We support our members by helping to shape laws, policies, regulations and standards, and by providing information and outreach. Our services in summary:

We offer our members a platform for constructive dialog and joint shaping of framework conditions for the industry in more than 80 strategic and technical working committees.

Advice and information
Our experts support our members in legal, regulatory, political and business issues through personal discussions, information networks, training courses, seminars, conferences, brochures, newsletters and digital media. Furthermore, BVMed communicates the importance of medical technologies for healthcare through campaigns and public relations.

We represent the interests of the medtech industry vis-à-vis political representatives at EU, federal and state level, vis-à-vis the Federal Joint Committee, the umbrella organization of statutory health insurers and other health policy actors. This is done at parliamentary hearings as well as consultations with the federal government, committee meetings, boards of trustees, commissions, background discussions and other discussion formats.

BVMed regularly conducts exchange formats on a wide range of topics with the players involved in healthcare. For example, with health insurance companies, the medical profession, hospitals and nursing care, purchasing associations or patient representatives.

Association statistics
Good market statistics are worth their weight in gold. They provide orientation, show trends, and help companies to further develop business ideas.
BVMed therefore compiles market statistics in a wide range of product areas with the help of a trustee office. To make the individual statistics more meaningful, we involve not only our members, but all interested parties.

International affairs
BVMed is an active founding member of the European trade association for the medical technology industry MedTech Europe and works closely with the US association AdvaMed.

Become a member
Are you interested in becoming a member of BVMed? Then we recommend the following links for initial information:
How do I become a member?
How are the membership fees calculated?

Furthermore, we would be pleased if you contact us. We will be happy to help you!
Phone number: +49 30 246 255-0
Email: info@bvmed.de
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