Monatliche News in Englisch

Der BVMed-Report erscheint monatlich in englischer Sprache. Er gibt auf einer Seite einen Überblick über die aktuellen Themen der deutschen Medizintechnik-Branche. Hier können Sie den BVMed Report abonnieren.
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    Editorial on the new BVMed TV Service; Media seminar: Co-operation with doctors; BVMed pleads case for diabetes enteral nutrition; Re-Use conference demands “same requirements”; Study on SHI contributions; Electronic Health Card Download

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    HTA gaining in importance for companies; "Modern and innovative healthcare economy"; Aktion Meditech gains support in Germany; BVMed poll: Positive outlook; New EBM on the internet; DKG: moderate DRG introduction with capping limits; Editorial on the MEDICA 2004 Download

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    Editorial on new BVMed website; BVMed Innovation Congress shows new co-operations; Benefit for the outpatient sector from integrated care; DIMDI presents new ICD and OPS Classification; Sickness fund surplus of nearly 2.5 billion Euros; Germany supports Nanotech Download

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