Monatliche News in Englisch

Der BVMed-Report erscheint monatlich in englischer Sprache. Er gibt auf einer Seite einen Überblick über die aktuellen Themen der deutschen Medizintechnik-Branche. Hier können Sie den BVMed Report abonnieren.
  • BVMed Report 05/18 (May 2018)

    BVMed Relies on "Medtech Strategy Process"; First Medtech Start-up Pitch Day; Angela Merkel: Immediate Healthcare Action Program; CDU Divided Over DRG Future; Parliamentary Groups Reject EU HTA Proposal; MedInsight Germany: May 2018 Issue Is Out; Infographics: Medtech Exports 2016 from Germany

  • BVMed Report 04/18 (April 2018)

    New Government: Spahn Defines First Focus Areas; MDR: Bottlenecks at Notified Bodies Feared; Germans Appreciate Healthcare System; Financial Reserves of the SHI Funds Rise to Over 19 Billion Euros; Online Remote Treatment: Making Better Use of Digitization; MedInsight Germany: April 2018 Issue Is Out; Infographics: Worldwide Medtech Production

  • BVMed Report 03/18 (March 2018)

    Coalition Agreement: Positive Medtech Elements; New Data Protection Law: The Countdown Is On; CDU / CSU and SPD Present Coalition Agreement; Jens Spahn Intended to Become Health Minister; DRG Rates to Be Restructured; Heart Report: Good Therapies, Poor Prevention; MedInsight Germany: March 2018 Issue Is Out; Infographics: Turnover of the German Medtech Industry

  • BVMed Report 02/18 (February 2018)

    BVMed Calls For a "Better Culture of Progress"; Compliance: How to Avoid Suspicion of Corruption; Another Term for the Grand Coalition in Germany?; Josef Hecken, Chair of G-BA, Takes the Medtech Side; MDR: Transitional Period for "Orphaned" Medtech Manufacturers; MedInsight Germany: February 2018 Issue Is Out; Infographics: The German Medtech Industry at a Glance


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